About Us

Our association is the Oregon State Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters.

About OAHU

OAHU is a non-profit organization of insurance professionals dedicated to serving the public by strengthening the insurance marketplace, advocating for effective legislation, ethical leadership and professional standards, and by educating our members and the consumers they serve.

The Oregon Association of Health Underwriters (OAHU) is the state's largest association for health insurance agents, brokers and other professionals. Our members help millions of Oregonians find, purchase and use their health care coverage, resulting in greater health and financial security. We recognize the health care system can be overwhelming for consumers who interact with it only occasionally. Through education and training programs, we enhance the ability of our membership to provide better and more complete service. Through our members' community and political involvement we seek to improve communities throughout Oregon. Through our legislative efforts, we have fought for the rights of consumers relative to costs and the ability to continue purchasing health care and the financing for it through the private sector. Our members have a unique understanding of consumer health care needs, the perspective of business owners and the economic realities of health insurance markets.

About the Agent, Broker or Consultant

OAHU health insurance agents, brokers and consultants are highly qualified professionals who are trained and experienced in guiding individuals and employers through the complexities of choosing appropriate, affordable health plans. These professionals must be licensed by the Oregon Department of Insurance. An agent must complete continuing education in order to keep that license. Through OAHU, they keep abreast of new developments and standards in the health insurance industry, learn about new options that may better serve their clients, and, because they usually represent a number of insurance companies, can offer a wide range of options and alternatives.

The independence of the agent offers a very important distinction in that their objective is to keep the client for a lifetime. Since the client can end the relationship at any time, the agent is motivated to help the client decide on the best possible plan for his or her needs, and provide ongoing service after the sale.

OAHU believes that our members hold a unique position as an advocate for the health plan consumer and can be a valuable player in progress toward the right kind of health care reform.

Thank you for visiting our website, and please contact any of our board members for additional information.

OAHU Board of Directors

Mike Welch
Larry Sherwood & Assoc.
e-mail: mwelch@larrysherwood.com
President Elect
Dawn Miller
Hagan Hamilton Ins.
e-mail: dawn@haganhamilton.com
Maile Austen
Davidson Benefits Planning
e-mail: mailea@jjdavidson.com
State Convention
Kevin O'Toole
CIGNA Group Insurance
e-mail: Kevin.O'toole@CIGNA.COM
Legislative Chair
Kathy Gadinas
Columbia Benefit Solutions, Inc
e-mail: kathy@columbiabenefitsolutions.com
Membership Chair
Sally Kallianis
Willamette Dental Group
e-mail: skallianis@willamettedental.com
PR/Media Chair
Philip Roman
Moda Health
e-mail: philip.roman@modahealth.com
Steve Doty
Northwest Employee Benefits, Inc.
e-mail: sdoty@nwebi.com

Karen Kane
Insurance Solutions NW, Inc.
e-mail: karen@insurancesolutionsnw.com

Professional Development

Kelly Pastore
Kaiser Permanente
e-mail: kelly.e.pastore@kp.org


Local Chapters

Portland Association of Health Underwriters - PAHU 2013

2013 Board of Directors

President Jill Pedersen

President-Elect Tim Rasch

Past President Cheyln Briand

Secretary Ruben Garcia

Treasurer Alex Gillet

Education Chair Stephanie Murphy

Legislative Chair Gordon Hoberg

Membership Jennifer Wakayama

Retention Andrea Lindsey

Spring Forum Chair Diane Ostby

Awards Chair Ben Davis

PR/Media Chair Karmen Bickel


Willamette Valley Association of Health Underwriters - WVAHU
2013 Board Members

President Mike Beyrouty 

President Elect 

Past President Jamie Sewell

Awards Dawn Miller 

Programs Chair Marci Stauffer

Treasurer Mike Beyrouty

Legislative Co-Chair Terri Olson

Legislative Co-Chair Doug Sheffer

Secretary TJ Sullivan

Membership Lisa Tracy

Membership Chris Boone


East Cascades Association of Health Underwriters - ECAHU
2012 Board of Directors

President Tammy Cassell

Immediate Past President Gerard Krug

Secretary Leana Morton

Membership Chair Michelle Thomas

Treasurer Darla Owens

Communications Chair Brad Westphal

Media Relations Chair Richard Ross

Legislative John Wright


Administrative Office

OAHU, c/o VanNatta Public Relations
Harvey Gail
Ruben Garcia
PO Box 493
Salem, Oregon 97308
Phone number (toll-free) 1-877-412-OAHU(6248)
Fax number 503-585-8547